This is a story about a boy named Gladius, who was very lazy and spent his days watching movies, playing games, and just thinking and dreaming that he would become the person who knew everything. His parents were so worried because of these actions of him. He was poor in his studies too.
One day, his father said, “Whenever you decide to do something, you just give up very easily.” The boy replied, “But this time it’s different because I’ve decided to be the most intelligent person who knows everything, and that’s pretty easy to be. Isn’t that great? You don’t have to pay many hardships and fail, do you?” His father asked him in a gruff voice, “So what are you going to do to achieve it, absolutely nothing, right? This would not make you anything but just a fool.”. After a few seconds of silence he sighed, took a deep breath, and again asked his son softly, ”My son if you want to be the one who knows everything, then you must prove it to me, don’t you?” Gladius nodded his head to say yes. And his father asked, ”Between the egg and the hen, which came first?”. Gladius looked at him with a surprised face and confusion in his eyes, asking, ” What type of a question is it?”. His father smiled at him and said, ” You must give me the answer but you can take your time “.
In the evening of the day, he went to his closest friend and asked him the same question.
“Can I ask you a question? ”                                                                                                    “Yes, for sure you can” his friend replied.
Then, Gladius asked. “Which came first, the egg or the hen? ” his friend suddenly looked at him annoyingly and replied, “What are you asking? No one can tell.” Then, Gladius told his friend about the conversation between him and his father. After thinking for some time, his friend foolishly answered, “It must be the cock.” Gladius told his friend that he was being silly.
From the very next day, he started to think about it and began to search for it everywhere he could. He got to the libraries and started studying certain topics. But in search of getting the answer to that question, he had gained more knowledge than he had before by studying related things. After some days, he got to his father and told him sadly, “Sorry father, for I couldn’t get to the answer to your question. But I have understood why you used to scold me, and I know that I can’t be or get anything from just thinking about it, I have to work for it.” His father smiled and held his shoulder and said, “My son, don’t you know that in search of the answer to my question, how many answers have you found, I really have seen you work hard, I am extremely happy for you. Sometimes we may not find the answer to our question but when we search for it, we are never back with nothing, but a lot of the other knowledge that could be the answer to our previous questions.” Gladius also got the point and was glad too. He said to himself, “Yes, my father is right, I really did learn a lot, and I must keep going on with it.”