The cool summer breeze trickles down my skin, the rustling of leaves on the tall oak trees, and the sound of the stream running far away with an earthy aroma accompanying me through my journey as I ride on my horse. My horse runs through the stones and grasses of this motherly nature and my body jumps along with it. My horse neighs and jumps a bit as we get closer to the stream indicating me to stop and rest for a moment. I pull the reins stopping my horse and I get down. I tie my horse near the water and let it graze. I put down my heavy bag and start to take out the necessary things to start digging to find treasured antiquity. I was busy searching for the perfect piece of land to work but I was ceased when I heard another squealing of a horse from afar. The sound of the thumping of the horse’s legs became louder as it came nearer and not soon enough I saw a huge black horse with a man in his not-so-old age riding on its back. The man was wearing a knee-length white shirt with sandals made up of papyrus and had a bow and arrows on his back. He jumped down from his horse before tying his horse the same way I had done and went to the stream to drink some water.

Then, he sat on one of the big flat rocks. I went near him and sat on a similar stone in front of him and inquired him, ”Where are you from?” keeping his eyes on the stream he said, ”I came from Egypt. I have come to explore the beauty of this place that is praised by all”. He had a deep husky voice. “What about you?” he interrogated me to which I replied, ”I am an archaeologist and I’m going to another city for excavation practices.” He nodded and I was staring at his horse, it looked beautiful but something on that horse that caught my eye was a golden shining small pyramid kept under a bag which was on the back of the horse. “What is that thing shining inside your bag? Is it an artefact from Egypt?” I blurted out. He exclaimed, Oh! That is my treasure, every pharaoh is given that pyramid

Pharaoh? You mean the king?” I asked confused, he nodded and proceeded,” I was once a pharaoh of Egypt, it was around 18 years back from now.” He took the small pyramid and handed it to me saying, ”Since you are an archaeologist, this pyramid will surely be of some use for your researches, you can take it.”, I squinted my eyebrows and he continued, “Not forever but you can have a look.” with a laugh followed by. I chuckled at his statement and took the pyramid in my hands, by its weight I could tell that it was made of gold and I didn’t miss noticing the perfect carvings on it and the first pharaoh’s head carved on the top which was sophisticated. I placed the pyramid on the stone between us and continued our conversation, ”Egypt is really a place full of antiquities, I want to explore it someday.” He said agreeing to me, ”Indeed it is. You shall come to our place and you will get tons of such pieces and many places for your excavations.”, he continued ”When I became the pharaoh, our kingdom was building its tallest pyramid of the time, the people used to say that our place shall remark a great place in the history and should be admired by all

Inevitably it is!” I interrupted. He started again, ”I shall get going now, thy gorgeous place is yet to explore before I go back to my beloved land.” He got up from where he was seated along with me and went back to his horse. He untied his horse and climbed on it but before leaving the place he told me something unexpected, ”You can keep that.” and with a smile, he rode on his horse and disappeared into the sparse forest. I looked back in bewilderment and my eyes widened when I saw the golden pyramid of the pharaoh left shining on the rock where we were seated a couple of minutes ago. I picked it up and kept it inside my bag safely but I still could not process what happened. My thoughts got suspended when my horse snorted telling its time to leave. I too untied my horse and jumped on its back riding between again the tall oak trees.